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World of Warcraft PVP Guide CLASSES:Mage (Frost/Fire)

Mages are the undisputable kings of burst damage. They have the worst armour and generally very low hitpoints, so rely on killing quickly. They also have a range of abilities which prevent damage by preventing their opponent from attacking wow gold. There are two major PvP builds – the frost mage and the fire mage.
The frost mage is a high-survivability, moderate damage build. There are a number of tricks which allows the frost mage to survive combat for a much longer period than other mage builds wow gold, which is important because of the low base survivability that mages have.
This survivability comes from too major areas: talents which unlock abilities that other mages don’t have access to, and kiting. The two key surviving abilities that frost mages have are Ice Barrier and Ice Block. Ice Barrier absorbs a set amount of damage rip dvd, and is on a 30 second cooldown (it lasts one minute, which means that if you time your application correctly, you can re-apply it immediately). Ice Block is basically immunity, but with the detriment of preventing any action from the mage.
When using Ice Block, it is important to remember that you can remove the buff yourself whenever you want. You don’t have to wait the entire duration – if you right click on the buff, it will instantly remove it, and you are free to make any action convert video. This makes it excellent for removing debuffs and returning to combat, or waiting temporarily for backup. It also confuses the opposition if you break early. It’s usually best to Blink as soon as you remove the buff.
Other than those two abilities, Frost Mages are excellent kiters. This is the process of killing your opponent while preventing them from attacking you blu ray ripper, through slowing spells and use of Blink/running. Cone of Cold, which has a long snare duration, and is insta-cast, is a key to effective snaring, and Frostbolt will be the majority of you damage in a 1v1 situation.
Frost mages are also great in group PvP, especially if they have Improved Blizzard. In AV, they can slow an entire push very effectively for a low mana cost blu ray ripper. The key to this is to not cast the max rank Blizzard (as most people aren’t stupid enough to stay in the AoE for the entire duration), but rather to cast Rank 1, as it still contains the slow effect (assuming you have the talent for it), and costs much less mana.
The fire mage has a greater capability for burst damage, but lower survivability than a frost mage. Fireball does greater damage than Frostbolt wedding gowns, and Ignite makes up a large portion of DpS which frost builds lack.
The key to fire mage success is gear and Presence of Mind. Damage boosting trinkets, like the Zandalian Hero Charm, provide a massive boost to power Wedding gowns, and should be used in combination with Fireball/Pyroblast and Presence of Mind. Because of the long cast time of Fireball (and to a greater extent, Pyroblast), it is rare that you will have the opportunity to cast without someone noticing you and attempting to interrupt your spells.

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I’m not a statistician or marketer, so I don’t really know if my insight on the subject is worth anything. That being said, one of the most frustrating things about playing this game is the barrier of entry. Mind you, it’s not a hard game by any stretch of the imagination, but if you want to play with a friend who is already well-established in the game and has reached a high level of expertise, it can be difficult to queue in with your friend who is at much higher rating without impacting his own rank or running into players who are much better than you—disproportionately better than you.

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